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  HACCP can be implemented by any  organiz ation  directly  or  indirectly  involved  in the food   chain   and   pharmaceutical  industry including:  
  t Farms, fisheries and dairies  
  t Processors of meats, fish and feed  
  t Manufacturers of bread and cereals, beverages, canned and frozen food.  
  t Food service providers such as restaurants, fast food chains, hospitals and hotels and mobile caterers  
  t Manufacturers of prescription and non-prescription drugs and remedies  
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It is a Food Safety methodology that relies on the identification of Critical  Control  Points (CCP's) in  food production  and preparation  processes. Closely monitored CCPs will ensure that food is safe for human consumption. It avoids traditional "end product testing" and  seeks to identify hazards and reduce risks throughout all stages from producer to plate.
The approach was originally derived from  Engineering System's - "Failure Mode and Effect Analysis". It was further developed by Pillsbury / NASA for the American Space Programme. Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points reduced the risk of astronauts  suffering from the effects of consuming contaminated food whilst in space. HACCP Principles are now promoted and incorporated into Food Safety Legislation in many Countries.
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  t Identifying any hazards that must be prevented, eliminated or reduced to acceptable levels.  
  t Identifying  the critical  control points at the step or steps at which control is essential to prevent or eliminate a hazard or to reduce it to acceptable levels.  
  t Establishing  critical  limits at critical control points which separate acceptability  from unacceptability for the prevention, elimination or reduction of identified hazards.  
  t Establishing and implementing effective monitoring procedures at critical control points.  
  t Establishing corrective actions when monitoring indicates that a critical control point is not under control.  
  t Establishing procedures, which shall be carried out regularly, to verify that the measures outlined in the above paragraphs.  
  t And, establishing documents and records commensurate  with the  nature and size of the food business to demonstrate the effective application of the measures outlined in the above paragraphs.  
  HACCP standard was developed in 1960 by Pillsbury Corporation & NASA to ensure food safety for the first manned space missions. The HACCP system and guidelines for its application were defined by the Codex Alimentarius Commission. The National Academy of Science recommends HACCP for broad application to various categories of non-canned food.  
  HACCP certificate enables you to declare your commitment for HACCP food safety, HACCP Increases Food safety standards, HACCP Increases food quality standards, HACCP certification Increases compliance with food safety law, HACCP focuses on identifying and preventing hazards to avoid food contamination, HACCP certification promote international trade of food, HACCP implementation increases confidence of customers about quality of your food.  
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