Audit process for achieving certification consists of a 2stage Initial Certification Audit as follows:

Stage 1 - Purpose of visit is to confirm the readiness of the organization for full assessment. The assessor will:

  • Confirm that the quality manual conforms to the requirements of HACCP / ISO 22000
  • Confirm its implementation status & scope of certification
  • Check legislative compliance
  • Produce a report that identifies any non-compliance or potential for non-compliance and agree a corrective action plan if required.
  • Produce an assessment plan and confirm a date for the Stage 2 assessment visit.

Stage 2 - Purpose of IIvisit is to confirm that the quality management system fully conforms to the requirements of HACCP. The assessor will:

  • Undertake sample audits of the processes and activities defined in the scope of assessment
  • Document how the system complies with the standard
  • Report any non-compliances or potential for non-compliance
  • Produce a visit plan for the first surveillance visit
  • Desk Audit of HACCP. A qualified HACCP auditor reviews your company's HACCP and food safety documentation off-site to identify potential areas of nonconformance. This leads to an increased success rate for the HACCP registration audit.
  • On-site Readiness Review. This HACCP assessment is part of the HACCP registration process, which enables the auditor to sample the HACCP and food safety system to identify areas of improvement and to ensure that your company is prepared for HACCP registration.
  • HACCP Registration Audit. The auditor conducts a comprehensive HACCP assessment of your company's food safety system.
  • HACCP Review and HACCP Approval by Certification Board. Our HACCP Certification Board reviews the auditor's report, approves the client for registration and issues a HACCP certificate if all requirements are met.
  • HACCP Surveillance Audit. A qualified auditor conducts on-going HACCP surveillance audits to ensure the HACCP and food safety system is being maintained.