Frequently Asked Questions


A. people are getting more conscious about their food. They want to consume safe food. HACCP certificate provides them a proof that hood is safe for consumption.

A. Any food business like trader, manufacturer,processor, restaurants, hotels can apply for HACCP certificate. Even any non food product or service which are used by food industry, and which has a directimpact on food safety, can also be HACCP. Many non-food products or services can be HACCP certified, for example: Pest Control Services, Hand dryers, Cleaning Utensils, Hand Sanitizer, Modular cold rooms, food additives, Ice machines, Dispensers machines, etc. Actually a wide range of non food product can be HACCP certified.

A. The HACCP Certification process consists of 3 stages – Implementation of HACCP guidelines, HACCP Audit & correcting negative findings of HACCP audit. It solely depends on how fast organization implement HACCP standard. A HACCP certification body doesn’t need long time to audit.

A. If your HACCP certification audit is not successful, there may be minor or major non-conformities found during the HACCP audit. Well in both case you can take necessary corrective action & subsequently can invite HACCP certification body to conduct follow up audit or re-audit.

General Questions

A. If you are planning to take help of a HACCP consultant, first check his or her qualification related to food industry then check qualification in food safety auditing practices &finally check working experience in related food industry & also past food safety implementation / auditing experience.

A. Identify key people in your organization who owns different processes in your organization & make team. Provide proper HACCP training to these people. Identify risks to your food at different levels during different processes & assign responsibility to concerned process owner to eliminate those food hazards. Conduct an internal HACCP audit. Now you are ready for external audit through a HACCP Certification Company.

A. In many countries HACCP certification is a legal requirement to run a food business. Different food safety policies & regulations worldwide recommends HACCP certification for food safety.

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